1. Make sure that you have a detailed discussion with the plastic surgeon you have decided on, and that you have received good information.
  2. You should quit smoking 1-2 weeks in advance.
  3. Take care to do brisk walks and sports exercises in the 15 days before your surgery. It will be beneficial for you in terms of anesthesia.
  4. The excess skin of your breast is removed in this surgery.
  5. You may have surgery at least 6 months after your breastfeeding period.
  6. The scars will be your skin color within 6-12 months.
  7. The operation takes 2.5-4 hours with general anesthesia and 1 day stay in the hospital.
  8. When you come to your patient’s room, you’ll have resistance. It is placed as a precaution to prevent fluid accumulation in your breasts. It will be removed by your specialist at your controls.
  9. You can take a bath in a week. You will be informed at your controls about swimming and bathing.
  10. Your doctor will evaluate your breast ultrasound and mamagrofi examinations before surgery.
  11. Hard sports (tennis, volleyball v.b) you can do it after 2 months. You can start with the approval of your expert.
  12. Numbness is normal in the first months.
  13. You should stay away from sex for a few weeks.
  14. Each doctor’s decision to perform surgery during menstrual periods is different. Ask the doctor who will perform your surgery in person.
  15. If you have any health problems and you are taking medications, share them with your doctor prior to surgery.
  16. Do not leave your anesthesia controls to the last day.
  17. During your rest period at home, use the medication prescribed for you.
  18. Don’t be too lazy to take a bath. After your doctor allows you to take a bath, take care of your cleanliness. It will prevent infection in the incision area.
  19. When traveling, do not force yourself to carry your luggage. You can ask for help.
  20. Do not force yourself to reach the kitchen shelves. Do not be shy to get the help of a stool-chair.
  21. Because you have just had surgery and you are cut, there will be a stiffness tension in your skin. Choose clothes that are easy to wear. For example, do not try to wear a tight t-shirt. We recommend that you wear clothes that are not narrow under your armpits, that you do not have to raise your arms in the air when you are discharged from the hospital.
  22. Arm movements restrict you in the early days. Those are the days you won’t remember when you walk around with your beautiful –light breasts in your future days.
  23. Breast reduction surgery is the most common type of breast reduction surgery. Plastic surgery is an important surgery. This is why the recommendations mentioned in the above articles. Patients do not see plastic surgery as surgery. It should not be forgotten that a surgical procedure is performed under operating room conditions. Your incision sites are important.
  24. People who have breast reduction surgery are always happy when they look in the mirror. You will be able to walk fast, you will see yourself weakened in the mirror, you will enjoy your outfit choices.
  25. You’ll get rid of the bras you had to squeeze your breasts out of. You can throw it in the trash as a lightweight from your closet, drawer
  26. The medication you will use after the surgery, effectiveness v.b consult your doctor. Ask me if it’s nothing to you.
  27. The masses that appear in your examinations prior to your surgery will be taken and sent to pathology.
  28. Remember that smoking delays your healing process.

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