Breast reduction surgery is one of the most important operations of plastic surgery when viewed from a functional point of view. The breast is one of the most important organs that determine femininity in women. Having large breasts seriously prevents people from adapting to social life. Especially in daily life, people appear to be more overweight, as well as the clothes they want to wear the clothes, can not adapt to daily life brings. Another problem that chest size brings is that it causes skeletal deformities. Especially in our patients, bending in the neck, bending forward, neck area pain, back pain, neck pain, such as symptoms may occur. Especially depending on the size of the chest perspiration, the formation of stench under the chest, the appearance of rashes, the appearance of symptoms such as dermatic are very common drawbacks of breast size. We do breast reduction surgery to remove them so that many of our patients come in fear and especially some of them delay. Breast reduction surgery is one of the surgeries that is more painless than thought because the breast is an organ outside the body, which can heal much faster and adapt quickly to social life. After regular reduction of the chest area and after careful surgery, they can return to their daily lives to their jobs and their strength after 3-4 days of rest. Especially in patients with chest size up to the back, Liposuction in combination with breast reduction to the back to remove the breast fold, breast reduction and under the chest can provide a serious reduction of the serious fold. In this way, breast reduction surgery significantly increases the quality of life of our patients from a functional and aesthetic point of view. How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed? After drawing and planning before the surgery, the person is taken to the surgery. The surgery takes an average of 2 to 4 hours under general anesthesia. Breast tissue and excess skin are removed and depending on the technique used, the nipple is moved where it needs to be with the breast tissue it is attached to. As with any surgical operation, a surgical incision remains depending on the technique used in this procedure. However, between 6 months and 1 year, these incisions are reduced enough to be called absent.

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