Young girls are expected to have the final form of breasts before performing the reduction procedure. It is important to wait if the breast continues to grow. But in young girls, where so-called “Virgin hypertrophy” and breasts grow uncontrollably, it can be intervened sooner. As a general rule, Patients who do not exceed the age of 18 are not operated. In addition, breast reduction procedures, unless there is a specific health problem, can be performed in every patient. Do Reduction Surgeries Affect Breast Feeding? There are many studies on this subject. In studies, breast reduction surgery women who have large breasts and women who have not had breast reduction surgery have been compared and in most cases the rates are similar to each other. It can be said that the milk delivery rates of the patients who underwent the reduction surgery are the same as those of normal women. Are There Any Incision After The Reduction Surgery? In breast reduction surgery, 3 basic procedures are performed: the nipple is moved up, excess breast tissue is removed and shaped, and finally, excess skin tissue is removed. The length of the leave varies depending on the size of the breast, sagging and elasticity of the patient’s skin. All of the incisions become silenced and barely noticeable over time. Does Loss of Feeling Occur in Reduction Operations? There may be temporary loss of feeling after breast reduction operations. There may also be permanent loss of feeling in very large and sagging breasts, but this is very rare. After a few months of surgery, the nipples regain their old sensitivity. In addition, many women who have had breast reduction surgery express that their heads are more sensitive than before. Are Breast Reduction Surgeries Painful? Breast reduction surgery is one of the least painful operations among plastic surgeries. The first few days have mild pain and can be controlled with simple painkillers. What Should Be Considered After Surgery After the operation, patients may have very little mouth with arm movements. However, the severity of this pain, often the patient’s mouth is too small to cause cutting. The patient may return to normal life within a day or two. Heavy exercise should be avoided for the first 15 days. The patient can return to normal life between 1-3 days. After the third day they can take a bath, after a doctor’s check 20 days they can go into the sea.

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