Breast reduction surgery may be performed during or after surgery, including bleeding, blood loss, hematoma (accumulation of blood in the tissue). With the removed breast tissue, there is a certain amount of blood loss. For this reason, it is important that blood values are within normal limits prior to surgery. These conditions can occur especially in diabetics, smokers, or people who have a family history of poor scar development. These patients can be treated with certain special methods. Breast reduction surgery can not be performed without cutting the milk ducts. Some of the milk ducts are cut together with the removed breast tissue, although not necessarily all. This is why breastfeeding after surgery may be a problem. However, using some special techniques, this possibility can be kept at very low rates. It could be infection, inflammation, scarring, stitches. These situations can be corrected by timely intervention. The opening stitch can be sewn back on. After breast reduction surgery, fat necrosis can be the breakdown and melting of fat tissue. Depending on this, discharge may occur at the edge of the wound or between the sutures. Breast reduction surgery can be a pain, burning, stinging sensation in the breasts during the period after surgery. There is a risk of loss of the nipple when using the methods applied by protecting the nipple on very large and sagging breasts. If you are at risk of developing breast cancer, you may want to take a look at your doctor’s medical history. It is possible for patients with breast loss to have a nipple again using surgical methods combined with tattoo practice. Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cause Cancer? Breast reduction surgery does not lead to the development of cancer. But those with a history of breast cancer in their family and patients over 40 years of age, some tests before surgery (mammography, ultrasound) should eliminate the possibility of an undiagnosed cancer. In addition, the breast tissue removed by surgery should be sent to a pathological examination to check if there is a condition that is overlooked before surgery. Breast reduction surgery involves removing most of the breast tissue and reducing the chance of cancer later. Some research on large numbers of patient groups from America supports this argument.

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