Breast reduction surgery is generally performed by removing excess fat from the surgical incisions on the patient’s breasts, tissues that provide unnecessary fullness to the breasts, and excess skin from the area. In some breast reduction operations, excess fat in the patient can be combined with liposuction technique. If the size of the patient’s breasts is not due to excess fat tissue and excess skin, only liposuction can be used for breast reduction. The method to be used for this operation will be shaped according to the person’s special situation, expectations, individual wishes and the advice of the plastic surgeon. In general, these surgery techniques are classified according to incisions that will remain in the body.; Breast reduction techniques are very different and different, but one of the most applied techniques, especially in large breasts ‘inverted T’ shaped ‘incision’ is applied. This incision surrounds the areola, extends downwards and follows the natural line behind the breast. The application is performed in the operating room in hospital conditions under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery varies depending on the size of the breasts, but lasts between 3 and 4 hours on average. No matter what technique is applied to the patient, it is inevitable that there will be incisions around the nipple. The incisions are visible during the short term period following the surgery, but the incisions may become more uncertain as time goes on. The incisions that will remain on the skin after breast reduction surgery depend on the size and volume of the breast, the preferred method and the structure of the skin that the patient has. In an Ideal surgery; Breasts should carry a symmetrical appearance, Breast tissue and skin should be protected from natural nutrition of the brown area, which is characterized as Nipple areola, should not be harmed to these structures and an aesthetic appearance that offers a conical breast appearance should be provided. The Nipple areola complex should be in a suitable and symmetrical area. Sensory innervation of the breast should not be impaired. It should be ensured that as little as possible is evident in the allowances that may occur after surgery. Implementation should be done in one go and the outcome should be long-term.

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